Season Ends for RAP’s Fantasy Football Participants, Thanks Coach Seka


Fantasy Football 2016/2017


At the beginning of the season, each individual picked a team that they want to track wins and losses. It was the individual’s job to look up and write the upcoming games for their favorite team, and then the individuals in the group choose who they think will win. Copies are made for all group memebers of every team for the individuals to pick the winners. The group met once a week to check the status of all the teams and see how many points each person received for correct guesses.

Every team that the individual chose correctly earned a point and the person with the most points at the end of the season on the award.

About half way through the season, Wahseka helped the group memebers make T-shirts with their favorite team logos to be worn to the annual Super Bowl lunch party! The group used computer design software to design logos and a CricCut printer to make iron-on vinyl transfers. With assistance, individuals pressed their own T-shirts and sweatshirts. 

For the Super Bowl part, participants planned a menu, shopped for groceries, and helped prepare the food to be served at the party.

This year, as with every previous year, was a huge success! Jay is the current REACH Adult Program Fantasy Football Champion. Jay earned 89 points to take a decisive lead. Jay averaged close to 10 correct games per team. 

With the football season over, the group moves on to basketball. With longer sports seasons, sometimes the Fantasy Sports group follows two sports consecutively.


– Wahseka Auberry