REACH Adult Program Schedule of Activities



REACH Adult Program Schedule of Activities

Activity Choices – Daily
Coffee Break- Social skills building over coffee or iced tea.
Walking Group- 20 minute walking on the Louisville Loop, located behind our building.
Dance Class- Get up and get moving. The shaking of tail feathers is encouraged.
Responsible Care Course- Take care of our virtual pet. Language development and basic math embedded in the computer app.
Fantasy Sports Group- Keep track of wins and losses. Socialize about your favorite teams.
University of Louisville- Volunteering and job skill development. Help the ground crew maintain the campus and sports fields.

Activity Choices – Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
Kentucky Kingdom (Wednesday & Friday)- Rides, Friends, Fun!
Library- Find a great book, work on computer skills, discover a new topic of interest, pursue their CD library.
YMCA- It’s fun to play at the… well you know the song. Basketball, walking track, stationary bikes, and more. Have fun while improving fitness.
Cooking (Wednesdays) – Learn cooking skills and eat the results! Home cooked meals every week.
Fishing (Mondays) – Get Hooked! Enjoy local free and pay lakes.

Activity Choices – Tuesday & Thursday
Arts & Crafts – Pinterest Galore! Painting, mosaics, home décor, holiday decorations and so much more.
Book Club- Enjoy reading, listening, and discussion literature in a group setting.
Woodworking (days vary) – Create projects to be decorated during Arts & Crafts.
Movies (Tuesdays) – Enjoy the latest Tinseltown has to offer.
Bowling (Thursdays) – Roll some rocks and have some laughs with friends.