Peggy Sue Gets A Home

Special people take on special chicken. Audrey (RAP staff) and her husband Dennis are the proud family to Peggy Sue, their toe less chicken. Peggy Sue came to Audrey and Dennis after losing her toes in fight with another chicken. Although being toe less might slow most chickens, Audrey says that this does not stop Peggy Sue who spends her days roam their 7 acre yard, pecking in the dirt and looking for bugs. When Peggy Sue gets bored there she will go next door and visit with neighbors.

Peggy Sue not only has seven acres to roam around during the day, she has a custom build deluxe condo (chicken coop) all to herself which provides her a 360 degree view of her beloved yard.

Audrey feels that like so many of the individuals she works with Peggy Sue is able to overcome her disabilities and to focus on their abilities and to create the quality of life that they want.