Every Vote Counts: Vote in the Upcoming Primary

2020 Primary Voting Info for Jefferson Co.

Primary Election ~ Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Request Your Application for a Mail-in Ballot

• If you are a registered voter in Jefferson County, go to jeffersoncountyclerk.org/AbsAppRequest to apply for a mail-in absentee ballot application or call 502.574.6100. All voters are eligible to receive a mail-in absentee ballot due to COVID 19.
• Please note that Kentucky is a closed primary state. Only registered voters of the Democratic or Republican Parties are eligible to vote in their party’s primary. If you changed your party after December 31 or are not affiliated with either of the two major parties, you will not have a primary ballot unless you live in the 26th Senatorial district where there is a special election to fill an unexpired term.
• The primary ballots have a date of May 19, 2020 because they were printed before the election date was postponed. Ballots containing the election date of May 19, 2020 are valid as to the June 23, 2020 election.


For information about voting in other counties go to: