From the Desk of Marsha Illback


We have had a good start to the year.  Our SCL audit in late January went very well.  Thanks to all of you for your efforts to achieve this.  A special thanks go out to the SCL randomly chosen families who were visited/evaluated by the auditors, the Voll’s, Carol Stevens and Rick Parkey.  We actually got our official written results last week.  Are you ready for this?  It has NEVER happened before…we got a perfect score!  Now, the way the Cabinet writes this in our notification is that we “have no deficiencies”. But, we all read that as an A!

More good news is coming in April.  The Cabinet, after much behind the scenes advocating by most Kentucky SCL providers, is doing away with daily notes for FHP and day training!  So, beginning April 1 (NOT an April Fools joke!), you will no longer do a daily note for your individuals. We will be handing out the new Monthly Summary forms, which will need a bit more detail than the old one at the end of March. But one note per month is way better that 30! You will need to fill out a log-in/log-out form, which will also be given to you with the Monthly Summaries.  An instruction letter will be with them, and your Family Support person can walk you through the changes.

Thanks again, from all of us, for the great job you do in supporting your individuals.