Peggy Sue Gets A Home

Special people take on special chicken. Audrey (RAP staff) and her husband Dennis are the proud family to Peggy Sue, their toe less chicken. Peggy Sue came to Audrey and Dennis after losing her toes in fight with another chicken. … Continue Reading

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays                 To you and your family   From everyone at REACH 

REACH Adult Program watch the eclipse

Individuals at REACH Adult Program (RAP) gather to watch as the solar eclipse takes place. For many of the individuals this was the first time they had seen an eclipse.   As the solar eclipse approached staff worker with individuals … Continue Reading

RAP Bike Group Peddling Forward

RAP program director Drew S. and Billy B. participating in RAP’s biking group. Participants are able to join with RAP’s program director for a leisurely bike ride on the Louisville Loop. This allows individuals to work on bike safety skills … Continue Reading

Learn More About SSI/ SSDI Benefits

Want to Learn More About SSI/ SSDI Benefits: difference between programs, patient liabilities, work limitations   Join us June 15, at 11:00 am At REACH of Louisville 501 Park Ave. For additional info. call 585-1911   To discuss social security … Continue Reading

REACH, Supporting Our Families

  REACH staff and family home providers met to discuss ways REACH staff can better assist our families. Families generally felt that REACH was doing a good job of supporting them  but discussed creating family support groups, increase agency outings and … Continue Reading